Row for Silence: Ziel erreicht!

Wenn die Informationen des Tracking stimmen und davon gehe ich aus, hat Janice Jakait ihren Zielhafen Port St. Charles Marina an der Westküste von Barbados erreicht.

Im Namen der Blogger bei DEEPWAVE e.V. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!!!!!

rfs 21feb2012

Screenshot 21.02.12, 20:20h

Meldung bei Spiegel Online:,1518,816720,00.html

Meldung bei Focus Online:

Nach 90 Tagen nehme ich jetzt das Titelbild heraus und mache Platz für neue Themen. Dank an Janice Jakait für Berichte und Fotos!

Zur Erinnerung an 90 spannende Tage:

row for silence

Wer noch einmal lesen möchte:

oder hier im Blog:

Ein Gedanke zu „Row for Silence: Ziel erreicht!

  1. Press Statement

    Mission accomplished. Janice Jakait crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat

    Barbados, February 22nd, 2012: Early Afternoon local time, Janice Jakait arrived at Port St. Charles, Barbados, and put her feet on solid ground for the first time in 90days. This makes her the first German ever, who crossed the Atlantic Ocean alone in a rowing boat. Janice Jakait, 34, from Baden-Wuerttemberg, departed from Portugal on November 23rd, 2011. Her “Row for Silence” Project in cooperation with the conservation organization OceanCare intended to draw attention to the problem of underwater noise in the world’s oceans.

    Happy, though marked by the exertion, Janice stated in her first reaction: “The feeling of solid ground under my feet is beyond words. It will take me months to realize the last 90 days, but one thing is for sure: I’m not going to retire from such challenges! But right now, I’m just looking forward to a warm shower, a non-shaking bed and a hearty breakfast.”

    During her passage Janice Jakait experienced deprivation and danger as well as joyful moments. On the one hand there were gigantic waves, thunderstorms and the constant exposure to saline water. One time a fishing vessel nearly hit her. And she had to evade dozens of cargo ships and tankers. On the other hand there were fascinating encounters with breaching humpback whales, dolphins approaching her boat, sea turtles, sharks and many other species. She was accompanied by seabirds and experienced moments of absolute silence.

    Janice Jakait: “My encounters with whales and dolphins were simply unbelievable. They were more than just accompaniment. They gave me strength and showed me that every single oar stroke for the silent oceans campaign was worth the exertions. I hope, that we humans will change the way we treat the oceans and their inhabitants.”

    Sigrid Lueber, president of OceanCare, is relieved to see the athlete arriving safely and compliments her in a first statement: “Janice’s extraordinary performance is an invaluable contribution to draw attention to the issue of underwater noise pollution, which is becoming an ever greater problem for whales, dolphins and other marine life. Janice’s Row for Silence is a strong statement as well as a signal towards decision makers to act.”

    PS: Two weeks before Janice’s arrival in Barbados, John Fairfax – the first man to row solo across the Atlantic died. John was a big example for Janice.

    Read more about Janice Jakait’s trip at

    Information about the impacts of underwater noise:

    Media contact:

    Row for Silence: Nicolas Entrup, Tel. +49 (0)171 1423 117,

    Underwater noise: Sigrid Lüber, OceanCare, Tel. +41 (0)79 475 26 87,

    Gefällt mir

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