The Black Fish: Help us stop driftnets!

Illegal driftnets in the Mediterranean Sea form a major hazard to dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and fish. The use of driftnets has been banned by the United Nations for over 20 years, yet an estimated 500 vessels from Morocco, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria and Tunisia continue to use them, killing an estimated 10.000 whales and dolphins every year, as well as thousands of endangered sharks, sea turtles and fish.

Help us stop driftnets. Join The Black Fish in ending their use for good.

• support The Black Fish in taking effective action to stop driftnets

• sign the petition calling for stricter enforcement (available shortly)

• download our campaign brochure Ditching Driftnets for free (available shortly)

• lend some of your spare time to get actively involved

• share campaign news with your friends, family and colleagues

what we are doing about it

• Patrolling areas of the Mediterranean Sea to monitor the illegal use of driftnets and where possible taking action to challenge illegality

• Identifying illegal driftnet vessels and making this evidence available to support enforcement authorities in taking appropriate legal action

• Building an international citizen-led community, increasing public pressure on governments to adequately enforce the laws which prohibit the use of driftnets …

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