Japanese Whaling. Update 01 March 2013

…The entire Japanese whaling fleet is now north of sixty degrees and out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary….

During the campaign the Sea Shepherd crews did not throw any projectiles or deploy any propeller-fouling devices. The Japanese whalers threw concussion grenades and hit the Sea Shepherd crewmembers with water cannons. All three Sea Shepherd ships were damaged after being struck multiple times by the 8,000 ton Nisshin Maru.

Is whaling over for the season? We are not positive but we are 80% sure that it may be over.

Sea Shepherd will not intervene against any legal transfer of fuel between the Nisshin Maru and the Sun Laurel above sixty degrees South but the Sun Laurel is over 120 miles to the North and still moving northward at 11 knots. It would take at least 48 hours to rendezvous with the Sun Laurel to refuel and another four days to return to the whaling area. This would leave about a week to kill whales and with the weather quickly deteriorating it would hardly be worth the effort.

My conservative estimate of the number of whales killed this year is no more than 75. It could be much lower but certainly not higher. . …

Source: http://www.seashepherd.org.au/commentary-and-editorials/2013/03/01/sea-shepherd-escorts-the-japanese-whaling-fleet-out-of-the-southern-ocean-whale-sanctuary-602

Deutsche Übersetzung im Migaloo Antwalfang Blog: http://blog.migaloo.de/2013/03/01/sea-shepherd-australien-eskortiert-die-japanische-walfangflotte-aus-dem-antarktischen-walschutzgebiet-hinaus/

Sea-Shepherd-Aktivisten im Interview Der riskante Einsatz der Walschützer

Jährlich werden etwa tausend Wale getötet. Sea-Shepherd-Aktivisten kämpfen auf ihren Booten gegen das Schlachten im Polarmeer. stern TV spricht mit zwei Deutschen an Bord.

Video: http://www.stern.de/tv/sterntv/sea-shepherd-walfanggegner-aktivisten-kaempfen-in-der-antarktis-als-piraten-des-guten-1976427-video.html

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