Its a Plastic World – great short movie

Movie in German

In my holidays I saw a secluded beach that was littered with plastic waste. I asked myself how this could be possible. Back home, I began to fathom the causes of this. The problem is that the ocean is completely polluted with plastic. A lot of plastic is washed up on beaches worldwide. This and many other bad facts led me to make my degree movie about the material plastic and its follow far-reaching.

It took weeks collecting facts, writing a story and draw a storyboard. After four months production time the movie is finished. With two excellent speakers and a nice music, made by Alexander Rösch, I’m very proud to present you “It’s a plastic world”. Many NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF or PlasticOceans endorsed the movie und spread it too. I’m very glad for everyone who will spread the movie!!

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